Madonna, Queen Of Pop And Apps, has just released a second teaser from the video for her upcoming Rebel Heart single, “Ghosttown.” And, oh my, this could be major — err, madge-or.

That’s a big ol’ bomb going off on the TV. End Of Days emotional devastation, here we come. (In case you missed it, watch the first teaser, a #TIDAL4ALL exclusive.)

The video is premiering in full on the hot new transient live video streaming service Meerkat shortly (allegedly), which is different from the transient nude-swapping photo service Snapchat which she used for the “Living For Love” premiere, and the gay hook-up app Grindr used for her #Unapologetic #NSARebelHeart #LookingForLove #Mascdonna chat.

“Full video and exclusive behind the scenes from “Ghosttown” coming tomorrow…,” she tweeted. #Blessed.