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The xx’s Romy Makes Her Solo Debut of a “Lifetime”

The xx’s Romy makes her club-ready, dance-pop debut.

Over the past decade or so, The xx have carved out a niche with their brand of dreamy indie-pop: whisper-soft vocals across emotional sonic landscapes, from “Crystalised” to “Angels” to “On Hold” – as well as their massive “Intro,” which went on to provide the pensive backdrop for Rihanna‘s “Drunk on Love.”

Now, frontwoman Romy Madley Croft is making her solo move, and kicking the BPM up a notch.

On Tuesday (September 29), Romy released her debut solo single, called “Lifetime.”

The song was written and recorded during lockdown in London, inspired by the dream of being reunited with loved ones and rejoicing about being together once again, and “being totally in the moment and celebrating it.”

As opposed to the more chill vibes of her band’s most well-known work, “Lifetime” is inspired by Romy’s love of club music and DJing. Aside from being a co-writer on The xx’s three studio albums to date, she’s also an established songwriter in her own right, and her name’s appeared on the credits of multiple pop and dance hits, including Kelela‘s “Better” and Dua Lipa‘s “Electricity” with Silk City.

Accordingly, “Lifetime” throbs with an pulse and ecstatic energy more closely aligned to acts like MUNA, Carly Rae Jepsen and CHVRCHES, but sacrifices none of Romy’s signature tender crooning and emotional lyricism that flows throughout The xx’s output.

If you’re ever lonely / If you can’t find the way / If this world comes to an end / I wanna be there with you,” she pledges on the nostalgia-inducing ode to living in the moment, playing like a montage of euphoric memories from the past.

“This song was written and recorded in lockdown. I’ve been thinking a lot about how short life is and how quickly things can change…my intention with this song is to celebrate life, togetherness, to appreciate the moment before it’s gone. I think subconsciously the upbeat energy of the song is a reaction to the stillness and anxiety I was feeling in lockdown. I was missing the pace of the outside world, spontaneous moments, the euphoria of dance floors, of love and connections with my friends and family. I realised when everything was stripped back, simple moments of togetherness, meant the most to me. I’ve always loved club classics that unite a room, big emotional dance songs, that you can sing along to as well. I’m excited to have the opportunity to show my love for dance music with ‘Lifetime,'” she explained.

According to the press release, “Lifetime” was co-produced by Fred again.. and Marta Salogni, and although it “stops short of the full blown celebration of club classics, Ibiza house and trance that Romy hinted at via an intimate Instagram performance earlier this year, it’s without doubt the start of a transition in that direction.”

“Lifetime” is already exciting enough in its own right as a campaign kick-off, but the promise of an even more fleshed-out foray onto the dance floor still to come? I’ll be right beside you indeed, Romy.

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Photo credit: Vic Lentaigne

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