She Can Do It Better: Interview with Brit Smith AKA Matisse!

A few weeks ago, I introduuced Matisse to MuuMuse, the up-and-coming dance floor vixen (otherwise known as Brit Smith, former member of sister act Brit & Alex) responsible for the summer smash, “Better Than Her.” (LISTEN)

The singer is currently busy cooking up the contents of her debut album due out in Spring 2011, which is expected to include tracks by such production titans as Tricky Stewart, Dallas Austin and Darkchild.

In between her sessions in the studio, Matisse took some time out to answer a rapid-fire set of questions for MuuMuse. Read on to see the full interview!

In one of your quotes, you said you’re “not interested in being the next ‘so and so.'” How would you describe your style/sound?

I would describe it as ME! ;) I’ve grown up listening to pretty much all genres of music so it’s definitely a fusion. I guess I would call it soulful pop. The melody is the most important thing to me over the track/beat so I’ve made sure that every song is very strong.

You’ve received glowing reviews from some of the best pop producers in the industry, including Dallas Austin and Tricky Stewart. What was it like to work with such production superstars?

I was SO excited to hear that Dallas wanted to work with my sister and I. We were living in the UK at the time and couldn’t believe that such a legend of an American producer would have taken a chance on us. Working with him was one of the greatest creative experiences of my life. Dallas then introduced me to Tricky and we also gelled immediately. He’s been such an amazing person in my life, guiding me through the business.

Has your opinion changed about the industry from since when you were in Brit & Alex to now?

No, not really. It’s still as hard as ever! Haha. The industry has changed so much and is still changing so much. The situation with my sister was definitely a good learning experience for me. I was glad to have her with me in the beginning so that we could kind of figure things out together.

Your single “Better Than Her” is currently climbing on the Pop Radio charts, which now features Akon. When and how did you meet him?

Well, living in Atlanta for 4 years we were always in similar circles, but never met. Have been close with his manager Devyne since I was about 18 years old so when we were thinking of featuring Akon, Devyne was the first person we called. We met soon after that and hit it off right away! He said he would love to be involved in my project however he could and went into the studio the next day to record his part!

What can you tell us about your upcoming album?

Well, I am still in the process of recording it, but so far I have some AMAZING songs that I can’t wait for everyone to hear! I just recorded a song that Bruno Mars wrote called “Before It Explodes” which has become my favorite. It’s just big! The melody and lyrics are really amazing and I really feel like people will feel it and connect to it. Also, I have a more up-tempo club record that I just did with Rodney Jerkins called “Hit Out On Our Love” which is kind of Michael Jackson inspired. I feel really lucky to have worked with some other incredible people: Ne-Yo. Claude Kelly, Ester Dean, Ryan Tedder. :)

Any dream collaborations (producers, artists, or otherwise)?

I would love to do more with Bruno Mars! I have become obsessed with him. Haha. His album is really inspiring to me.

Do you have plans to tour soon?

Yes, definitely. Will be going out with Akon soon!

What would someone who’s never seen you perform live see at a Matisse show?

Live singing!! I know I’m a blonde pop singer, but it’s true. Haha. It’s a really fun show! Dancers and up-tempo anthems. ;)

What sort of music inspires you today?

I definitely still listen to a lot of the oldies: Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Prince, Michael Jackson, but I really like Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga right now.

Aside from your singing career, what are some of your other hobbies/interests?

Hmmm…I love to snow ski and water ski. In my free time I like to go to the movies and just spend time with my friends.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

A lot of number ones and my own world tour!!

Thanks, Matisse!

“Better Than Her” was released on September 28. For more information on Matisse, check out her official website. (iTunes)

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