Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” is amazing, as previously established with the song’s video premiere.

Know what’s just as amazing? Amazing remixes of amazing songs.

Take the Keljat remix for instance, which gives the song a Robyn-esque synth-pop reinvention, as well as a pretty sick guitar breakdown toward the end.

Then there’s the Jamie XX Shuffle Mix, created by The XX‘s Jamie Smith.

After 40 seconds, the remix drops all of the original’s instrumentation, squeezes Adele’s voice through several wicked distortions, and adds in a sickeningly dope mixture of early ’90’s house tube sounds and dubstep-lite beats. It’s erratic and completely brilliant in certain moments–a totally worthwhile reworking of the original.

And there you have it: Two MuuMuse Approved remixes.

“Rolling In The Deep” was released on November 30. (iTunes)