Don’t Hold Your Breath: The Nicole Scherzinger Single, The Keri Hilson Demo

It’s been a hot minute since Scherzy Baby got some lovin’ on the MuuMuse.

According to various reports, the second single from Nicole Scherzinger’s not-yet-shelved, as-of-yet-untitled debut solo album will be a song called “Don’t Hold Your Breath.”

And now, a brief moment of silence to allow for the song title’s irony overload to subside…

Thank you.

“Don’t Hold Your Breath” is particularly noteworthy because it affords pop fans a rare opportunity to hear how one song can be interpreted by two of pop’s top production titans–Timbaland and RedOne.

A few months ago, a Keri Hilson/Timbaland production called “Hold Your Breath” hit the web as a track on Tapemasters Inc.’s The Future Of R&B 33 mixtape, which you can hear in full above.

It’s a signature Timbaland production, filled with spacey synthesizers and a tripping, hip-hop beat. And to no one’s surprise in particular, Miss Keri Baby completely shines on the song’s deliciously crooned chorus.

Fast forward to earlier this week, when a new demo of the same song surfaced–a RedOne arrangement of the track called “Don’t Hold Your Breath.”

Just like Timbaland’s production, RedOne’s take on the track is a solid representation of the producer’s signature sound: Surging dance-pop and loud, layered vocals. (No word on who’s singing on the track yet, although it’s certainly not Nicole.)

With RedOne at the helm of Scherzinger’s upcoming debut, this newly surfaced demo is likely how the final version of “Don’t Hold Your Breath” will end up sounding. (Though to be honest, I vastly prefer Timbaland’s version–it’s much more listenable and emotional.)

EDIT: Okay, so I’ve been listening to the RedOne demo just as much. I think I love them both equally.

Still, there’s no real confirmation that this song will be released. And considering who we’re talking about?

Err…don’t hold your breath just yet.

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