The Legendary Miss Britney Spears is not only a part time Vegas showgirl, watermelon bubblegum enthusiast and full time #WORKBXXCH — she’s also one of the world’s most prolific perfumers in the industry. (She even has a song about it.)

As a result, it’s no surprise that the “Right Now (Taste The Victory)” goddess has unveiled yet another fragrance in her line of nasal delights.

“Coming soon…Fantasy Stage Edition! Same amazing scent, special limited ed bottle inspired by my fave performances,” Godney tweeted earlier this morning, accompanied by a cute shot of Queen B spritzing her hot bodeh down with the sweet scent.

And wait — is she on set? Is she shooting a new ad campaign? Or even better — another commercial? Has anyone even recovered from the Fantasy Twist visual yet?

The brand new-but-not-actually-new fragrance is indeed yet another re-bottling of B’s 2005 smash Fantasy, which has also spawned Midnight Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy and Circus Fantasy, as well as Fantasy Twist, Island Fantasy, Fantasy: Anniversary Edition, Fantasy: The Nice Remix and Fantasy: The Naughty Remix.

The new bottle is covered in a yellow snakeskin print — a clear REFERENCE to The Legendary Banana from The Holy Spearit’s iconic 2001 MTV VMAs “I’m A Slave 4 U” performance, no doubt — complete with some swirly things and butterfly-ish designs (“Everytime” from Piece Of Me?) and a bejeweled silver top that is clearly serving us “Toxic” diamond bodysuit realness — or sparkles from her 2007 “Gimme More” VMAs get-up.

Also rumored for 2015? Planet Hollywood Starbucks Fantasy, Larry, Fireworks Fantasy, Cheesy Grits Fantasy, My Fantasy Is Hanging Out, Keesha Fantasy, Bein’ Ferocious Fantasy and Something More Urban Fantasy.

Still anticipating (REFERENCE) that debut cologne for men though, B. Would you smell it against me?