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Helmed by three producers and a real pisser of a frontwoman (see right), The Ultrasonics are ready to begin their pop lift-off with their first single, “Perfect Girl.” As you can tell, Johanna Lee Gervin is doing nothing to further a cure for vagina flashing in today’s media-saturated world. Unforgivable and inappropriate. Hey, doesn’t she kind of look like Pink?

But less about vaginas, and more about music made by a vagina and three penises. With fantastic production and strong vocals, “Perfect Girl” makes due with a massive bass line and flavorful electro tingles right from the first second of the track. From there on in, it’s a strictly 2008 affair with all the bells and whistles of enjoyable electro-pop.

Quite fittingly, the group is due on stage for Manchester Pride on August 25th, which is the same date as their release of “Perfect Girl.” The band will join Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Alphabeat and Client for the show–a pop enthusiast’s true delight. I’m furious for missing out on this one!

I thought I’d give a little treat to you all with a clip of “Perfect Girl.” It plays on a loop, so you can play it over about fifty or so times without hesitation. Make sure to click through to the band’s MySpace here!

So What? No, Really…

So What? No, Really…

I just cannot get excited about this

Daily B: The Laugh Is Back

Daily B: The Laugh Is Back

Britney‘s official Video Music Awards promos are now making the rounds!

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