Meet Marirose, an unsigned 15-year-old singer from Chicago.

After being featured on the ever adorable Michael Buckley‘s What The Buck web series, Marirose has been getting some serious e-attention for her self-released debut single, “I Want Love.”

Months ago, “I Want Love” began to circulate on the web after being incorrectly labeled as a Rihanna demo. After one listen to the song, it’s not hard to see why: Marirose’s bold, melodic vocals have a distinct Rihanna-esque sort of grit: “I can’t stop, won’t stop ’til I get what I want / Baby, all that I want is you,” Marirose sings during the chorus.

Co-penned by pop starlet Kristinia DeBarge (!) and The Jam‘s Jordan Omley (Shontelle‘s “Battle Cry”; The Saturdays‘ “Here Standing”), “I Want Love” is an instantly catchy, piano-tinged power pop production.

“Ten” and “Supermodel,” two more selections from Marirose as featured on iTunes–are well-timed slices of “it gets better” pop a la Miss Keri Baby‘s “Pretty Girl Rock.”

“When you see your reflection, show yourself some affection,” she encourages atop the song’s super catchy, bouncy electro-pop beat of “Ten.” What a positive message!

“Supermodel,” on the other hand, might best be described as an electro-pop twist on Taylor Swift‘s typical angst-lite, flaws-and-all output. “I’m not a supermodel, but I’m in love with you,” she confesses on top of the song’s catchy, skipping beat.

For fans of some of MuuMuse’s favorite fledgling pop tarts, including Selena Gomez and Alexis Jordan, give this girl a shot. She’s only just begun!

“I Want Love” was released on November 17. (iTunes)