Oh my God, I am lit-rally dying right now: A brand new teaser trailer has just surfaced for “Good Hit,” one of the songs from Jennifer Lopez‘s hotly anticipated new album, LOVE?, and it is beyond required viewing.

Decked out in leopard leggings and surrounded by a half dozen hair dryer-wielding hotties, Mizz Jenny from the Block whips her hurr as headmistress of the most glamorous charm school around.

With classes like “Advanced Fierceology” and “Work It Out 101,” who needs that fancy liberal arts education? Sign me up NOW!

And now, some random amazing things that come to mind that I cannot properly articulate in full sentences:

+ Leopard leggings, leopard leotards, leopard lenses. GAGGING.
+ SO. MUCH. HAIR WHIPPING!!! Gorgeous hair, too.
+ Jennifer Lopez looks S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G (In related news: The sky remains blue.)
+ Slick, sick choreography all around. Hot, hot fire!
+ So bright, so colorful–like a J-Pop music video!
+ “I got that good hit. Don’t you wish I was your boo?” = Amazing line.


I seriously love everything Jennifer Lopez has ever done, and this is NO exception. She is THE definition of pop.

I need LOVE? in my life–stat!