“When I Grow Up” was the largely successful lead single from the The Pussycat Dolls‘ (RIP) sophomore record, Doll Domination.

Released in May of 2008, the Darkchild-produced, questionably moraled ode to the pursuit for fame earned the Dolls the #9 spot atop the Billboard Hot 100, as well as providing what would be their greatest dance breakdown moment ever. (No seriously–check out this video of every single time they’ve ever worked that incredible dance break. It’s unstoppable.)

However, it was always somewhat known/rumored that “When I Grow Up” was originally penned with Britney in mind. Now, there’s proof.

An early demo penned by songwriting brother duo Rock City hit the net earlier today, and the lyrics–for better or worse–have Britney written all over the song.

“My name is Britney and I don’t care what you say,” we hear as the track starts revving up. But as the demo unfolds, the song lyrics grow relentlessly cringe-worthy: “I swear that I was flippin’ at first / When they said I looked like Debbie Gibson / And then I tried to dance like Michael Jackson / But people saw me and started laughing.”

Later on, the comparisons keep flying, making her sound more and more pathetic as the song goes on: “I would dress up like Madonna, would even try to sing like Cyndi Lauper / I would pretend I was a superstar, I never thought me being me would get me that far.”

Honestly, I’ve just got no clue how Rock City ever expected Britney’s camp to accept this demo. Casting her as a wannabe laughingstock and making her sound like a narcissistic brat? Like…are you for surrious right now?

I’d always wondered why the song was passed up. Now I know why.