Remember these two sexy specimens of Aussieland synth-pop goodness? If not, please refer back to their “Introduucing…” post immediately.

Garçon Garçon are finally preparing to launch their much anticipated 2011 debut, beginning with the release of their first official single: “Stay In Touch.”

Yesterday, the bearded boys premiered their brand new song over at one of MuuMuse’s favorite blogs, It’s The Money Shot!, which you can now hear below:

“Stay In Touch” finds the duo grappling with the ceaseless back-and-forth of a relationship on the rocks. “How long can we last before it’s over?” Nathan sadly croons, growing increasingly torn and tortured as the song unfolds.

If that luscious, Cut Copy-like synth beat wasn’t so damn infectious, I might have been writing this one while crumpled up and crying in the corner somewhere. Luckily, all I want to do is DANCE! What relationship problems?! These aren’t tears–just sweat! LAY OFF.

Though they’ve only got one single and two demos under their belt, it sounds as though Garçon Garçon have already hit their stride and established a ‘signature’ sound for themselves: Sweetly sung, slightly sorrowful lyricism fixed atop ’80’s-tinged heartbreak synth-pop. It’s like stretching a Smiths track across a Casio keyboard–sad disco at its finest!

Much like their demos, “Stay In Touch” is required listening. Just don’t forget to pack a Kleenex while you’re out on the dance floor.

Garçon Garçon will release their debut EP later this year. (Official Website)