Hungry, monsters? Time to eat.

Yesterday, Lady Gaga unveiled a remix of an upcoming track (EDIT: Apparently confirmed to be titled “Scheiße”) from her second studio album, Born This Way, at Thierry Mugler‘s Fall/Winter showing at Paris Fashion Week yesterday.

As promised, the full track was uploaded in full at noon today.

“I don’t speak German, but I can if you’d like,” the singer announces before launching into a series of chants spoken in–wait for it–German. According to a YouTube commenter, the translation is something along the lines of: “I am absolutely clear / As long as I’m a Monster / I wish we all could be blind / You’re amazing out there.” Seems to fit the bill for the general theme of the album, no?

“I’ll take you out tonight, say whatever you like,” she snarls above a blistering ’90’s house beat not unlike the musical interludes played during the Monster Ball Tour.

There still aren’t too many vocals to work with here so far (ever the cock tease, Mademoiselle Gaga!), but between that pumping gay beat and the lyrics we’ve got so far: Is it promising? Yes. Yes, indeed.