Mya‘s back!

Much like every other act this side of the ’10’s, Mya’s gone and shed her R&B roots in favor of a good ol’ synth machine to assist in her dance-inspired return to the music scene–perhaps inspired by her recent stint on the ninth season of Dancing With The Stars. Well…that, or she’s gone and listened to Pop radio for, like, fifteen minutes to see what the kids are listening to these days.

To my giddy delight, the singer will attempt to break two major territories at the same time: America and…Japan! Eee! DID SOMEONE SAY J-POP? ^.^ (Oh God. I’m sorry for that.)

After the release of her first Japanese album in 2008 (Sugar & Spice), Mya is now continuing to pursue a Japanese recording career with “Fabulous Life,” released on January 19 on iTunes Japan.

As The Prophet Blog reported, the song was co-produced by Jeff Miyahara, producer of such gems as AI‘s “Fake (feat. Namie Amuro)” and Crystal Kay‘s “One.” It was also co-produced by Fredro, the Swedish producer responsible for one of my favorite tracks from Jessica Mauboy‘s latest album.

“Fabulous Life” is genuinely adorable–a clearly J-Pop inspired, glittery little electro-pop ditty. It’s like Britney‘s “Anticipating”! Except more Japanese and stuff. I LOVE to bits and pieces!

If it were warmer ’round these parts, you know I’d be blasting this jam with the windows down while I was driving around town. For now, I guess I’ll just listen to it while I’m shoveling.

The second single in question–the Cedric Gervais-produced “Love Is The Answer”–is Mya’s offering for the North American territories.

A bit RuPaul, a dash of Donna Summer circa 2008 (Crayons, y’all!), Mya’s other offering blares into the speakers with an onslaught of ravey, hi-octane synthesizers a la Madonna‘s “Celebration.” “Love is the answer to all your problems,” the singer sweetly croons atop the hectic chorus. It’s no “My Love Is Like…Wo,” and certainly no “Case of the Ex,” but it’ll do for now.

Click here to listen to an extended preview of “Love Is The Answer,” courtesy of E! Online.

According to the E! article, Mya is currently working on both her seventh and eighth studio albums. We here at MuuMuse can’t wait to hear ’em–especially that J-Pop record. Sock it to me!

“Fabulous Life” was released on January 19. (iTunes Japan)