Two (Plus One) Fantastic Rihanna Mash-Ups You Need To Know About

It’s recently come to my attention that I love mash-ups.

Generally, bootlegs aren’t really my ‘thing.’ I like to keep my music official, neatly organized and meticulously labeled as a rule. Also, I fear change.

HOWEVER, there are always exceptions to the rules. I present two of them right now.

Princess RiRi is a bringer of dependably amazing pop music. She has been literally amazing for over seven years and counting. However, I’ve come to learn that there are some mash-ups of Rihanna songs that only serve to enhance the RiRi experience.

First up is the “Tender Umbrella”: A mash-up of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and General Public‘s “Tenderness” created by Party Ben, a radio DJ and producer from San Francisco (official site), and “one of the more notable figures in the mash-up/bastard pop scene” according to Last.FM. Nice.

The song came to my attention after being featured in the trailer for the upcoming Adam Sandler rom com, Just Go With It. I still don’t actually know what that movie’s about, as all I do is start clapping my hands giddily and shouting “IT’S RIRI, Y’ALL!” every time it appears onscreen.

“Tender Umbrella” gives Ri’s 2007 smash single a refreshingly peppy face-lift, bouncing atop the grooving, ’80’s synth-pop beat of the General Public original. Peppered with hand claps, horns and electric guitar riffs, the “Tender Umbrella” mash-up is a really fun, breezy re-rub, giving Rihanna’s already Perfect Pop Song (and myself) new life with each replay.

Thanks to @Anthelonious for tracking down the name from FourFour!

And now, the “Rockstar 101 vs. Fear of the Dark (DJs from Mars Remix)” Rihanna/Iron Maiden mash-up.

While the beat isn’t anything too amazing (AT FIRST, anyway), the mash-up’s genius begins to make itself clear by the 1 minute mark, as RiRi’s repeated yelps of “I’m a rock star!” are sudenly backed by those delicious, chill-inducing stadium chants from Iron Maiden. But then…it keeps getting better. Like, INSANELY better. Like, the “It Gets Better” campaign should use this as its official THEME SONG better.

You see, the chorus of the song starts chugging along full force as RiRi repeats “Hey baby, I’m a rock star,” building and building with intensity until…


It is life changing. It is defining. I get heat flashes. I get so emotional. IT IS A MUST LISTEN.

You can thank my boyfriend for that last find. I’ll relay the message in the form of either sexual favors or interpretive dance. I’m thinking I’ll go with the latter.

EDIT: Okay, thanks to Muuser @Jamie119, there’s now a third mash-up in the mix!

This is the insanely delicious “Rude Baptism,” a mix of Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” and Crystal Castles‘ “Baptism” created by e-mix ‘n’ mashers, The Hood Internet.

Taking the minimal, icy electro glitches of the Crystal Castles jam, Ri’s rudest anthem gets a slightly demonic gloss-over on this superb mash. It’s a little bit sexy and a little bit scary–just how I like to keep it!

And there you have it: Three mashes ready to rock your world. Oh, na na na!

Rihanna’s latest studio album, LOUD, was released on November 16. (iTunes)

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