UK Girl Group Parade Premieres Video for Debut Single, “Louder”

I first wrote about Parade back in November in my ‘Girl Group Mania’ post. At the time, the girls were only just beginning to roll out their debut. Now, it’s time to begin!

Above is the music video for Parade’s breezy debut single, “Louder.” It’s a fun video. There are several reasons why it is a fun video:

+ A house party! There are people everywhere, and they’re all having fun! Shenanigans and debauchery! Did that guy just ride his bike down the stairs?! Hope he didn’t die!!! So, so much fun! And in turn, I’M HAVING FUN!!! THIS IS A FUN TIME, EVERYONE.

+ Giant silver balloons that spell “PARADE.” This is key for an introductory girl group video because it (A) reminds us that their name is indeed Parade and (b) THAT THEY ARE BUBBLY AND FUN!!!

+ Glitter, sequins, and feathers. Sometimes referred to as ‘the lifeblood of Kylie Minogue,’ these cherished pop objects are synonymous with all things fun and frivolity. Accordingly, they appear ALL OVER this video. Yay!

+ The styling. It’s a bit like they gave the girls five different outfits that Cher Lloyd slapped together during X Factor last year. In other words: “FUN.”

+ DANCE BREAK AT THE 2:15 MARK! Getting our pop ladies to let go and dance in unison seems to be an increasingly rare feat these days, so it’s always nice and fun to see some more of this. More of this, please!

In conclusion: As a debut, the “Louder” song/video combination serves its purpose for Parade by providing a tantalizing pop treat that’s just catchy and FUN enough to grab your attention, yet minimal enough to keep your interest piqued for the next tune they’ve got lined up.

All in all…quite promising!

Another Song 4 Mutya: Paul Morrell – “Give Me Love (feat. Mutya Buena)”

Another Song 4 Mutya: Paul Morrell – “Give Me Love (feat. Mutya Buena)”

So, um…wait–oh?

Hot Club Track of the Week: Inna – 10 Minutes

Hot Club Track of the Week: Inna – 10 Minutes

Are y’all aware of Inna?

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