Hot Club Track of the Week: Inna – 10 Minutes

Are y’all aware of Inna?

Perhaps you’ve seen the name before. She’s the Romanian dance-pop sensation responsible for some major international club smashes, including “Hot” and “Amazing.”

After sweeping in multiple categories at the 2010 MTV Romania Music Awards (including the much coveted “Best Website Award”–snatch it, Inna!), the singer unleashed her latest single, “10 Minutes” in the US in November and France in December, with plans to release the song under 3 Beat Records in the UK later this month.

Yesterday, AATW Records released the UK Video Edit of “10 Minutes” which–as you might be able to tell–features a lot of sexy low-cut tops and not a whole lot else.

“10 Minutes” isn’t entirely different from every Cascada production ever (and the “oh, oh!” moments remind of Sirens“Stilletos”), but it’s still a fun little club sizzler in its own right. “I’m gonna break even da law of da gravity to see you in da morning,” Inna adorably croons, her Romanian accent still heavily intact.

A few days ago, 3 Beat uploaded the entire remix EP onto SoundCloud featuring eleven different remixes of “10 Minutes,” including mixes by Hi Def, Liam Keegan and the song’s producers, Play & Win.

I’m feeling the Play & Win Club Mix at the moment, which features some “We No Speako Americano” horn sections. Check ’em all out above!

“10 Minutes” was released on November 2 in the US. (iTunes)

UK Girl Group Parade Premieres Video for Debut Single, “Louder”

UK Girl Group Parade Premieres Video for Debut Single, “Louder”

I first wrote about Parade back in November in my ‘Girl Group Mania’

Introduucing…Caroline Lufkin!

Introduucing…Caroline Lufkin!

Genre: Dream-pop, shoegaze, indie electronica For Fans Of: Sally Shapiro, Late

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