With the fate of the Sugababes now resting on a dodgy Greatest Hits release out in late February and a hope and a prayer that their remaining fans still remember which three babes are still in the band (one of them is T-Boz, right?), the absence of OG member Keisha Buchanan has never been felt so strongly.

But in her absence, she’s been rull busy–and the results are now starting to crop up. After the release of a fairly amazing solo clip called “Fearless” back in July comes a brand new song: “Under Control,” a leak from Keisha’s forthcoming solo effort.

Simply put, “Under Control” is quite exciting.

Not only is the electro-tinged R&B production packed with catchy hooks and melodies, but it also allows Buchanan to shine with a surprisingly strong, Robyn-esque swagger of confidence and pop sensibility. “I, I, I got it under control,” she assures us during the stomping, glittery beats of the chorus. At this point, I don’t think anyone’s got any doubt about that!

Furthermore, it sounds like this one really wasn’t meant to leak this early. From her Twitter earlier this evening:

Pretty bummed about my track being leaked, But the response has been amazing!! Thanks so much. Even better 2 come:-) Album almost finished X

Much like original band members Siobhan Donaghy and Mutya Buena, it sounds like this solo Suga may be rolling out a solo campaign as sublime as her founding sisters’ attempts. Don’t mess with a ‘Babe scorned!