Tom Aspaul continues to make us feel so good.

After serving up his sweet n’ dreamy “Good Together” back in December, the ever-talented UK singer-songwriter continues to prove himself as one of the most exciting Ones To Watch in pop once again with an artsy fartsy, left-lane mash-up called “New Moon,” co-crafted alongside Starsmith.

The song’s a bit of a Frankenstein monster (in a good way), using the chords of Carly Simon‘s “Why” (“la-dee-da-dee-da…“) and the melody and lyrics of Brandy‘s legendary “Full Moon”, plus a bit of his own FTSE-produced song “Pioneer” in the bridge for good measure, all layered on top of some bass-heavy, grind-friendly pulsations. The end result is a sexy, soulful marriage of music you never knew you needed.

As for the inspiration behind the effort? Well, the moon…obviously. “Whenever I go out during one, I tend to get totally wasted, lose my bank card, favourite jumper and bang my head etc. It genuinely has that effect on me. I’m fascinated by club culture and worked in bars most of my adult life. I’ve seen the affect not just on myself, but everybody, first hand. People lose control during a full moon and I guess that’s what the song is about,” he explains.

The song will be released on Tom’s Revelation Mixtape, due out later this month. This could very well be the start of something special. La-dee-da-dee-da…