What The Hell: Avril Lavigne Debuts Lead Single from New Studio Album, ‘Goodbye Lullaby’

And now, the first (maybe-kinda-sorta) comeback of 2011: Avril Lavigne!

“What The Hell” is the raucous, pop-rocky lead single from Lavigne’s upcoming studio album, Goodbye Lullaby, due out in early March.

Much in the same vein as 2007’s “Girlfriend,” Lavigne’s first single in almost three years is packed full with rallying chants and a severely bratty ‘tude: “All my life I’ve been good, but now I’m thinking ‘What the hell?'” cries out on top of the song’s colossally catchy, guitar heavy chorus.

“I Do Not Hook Up” this is not, as Lavigne goes on a raging rampage of naughtiness–raging hard, making out with dudez, and breaking hearts without apology along the way.

Along with Lavigne, the track was co-penned by Max Martin and Shellback, the Swedish smash hit scribe who’s been a part of the Martin songwriting studio (Maratone Studios) since 2007. Together, the songwriting team brought us such smashes as Britney‘s “3,” P!nk‘s “Raise Your Glass” and Usher‘s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love.”

“What The Hell” has all the makings of a radio smash: Is it different from what we’ve heard? Not at all–it’s very much in line with the musical output of Ke$ha or The Veronicas or P!nk as of late. But who cares? It’s a total guilt-ridden pop anthem that’s already passed the dance-around-my-room-in-my-underwear test, and I’m totally loving it to bits and pieces.

Even if the rest of Goodbye Lullaby won’t sound like this (expect a “more stripped down, deeper” experience, according to Lavigne), it’s still got me itching for more. Bring on the album!

Goodbye Lullaby will be released on March 8. (iTunes)

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