What better way to kick off the New Year than with a debut single?

You might remember the Introduucing… post about Jessie Malakouti–better known as Jessie And The ToyBoys, from last year.

The singer is now preparing to launch the ToyBoys campaign with the release of her debut single: “Push It,” featuring Yelawolf. Check out the newly posted extended clip below!

Produced by Jimmy Harry and No Doubt‘s Tony Kanal (quite a coincidence, as I’ve always found Malakouti’s voice similar to Gwen Stefani‘s!), “Push It” is a storming, glitched-up electro affair packed full of hard, crunchy beats and ’80’s-esque melodies.

“I’ve been trying to get a little bit closer to you, I’ve been dying to get a little bit closer to you,” Malakouti croons sweetly. In short, it’s a bit like musical crack–the more you listen, the catchier it becomes!

The song’s über-processed sound actually reminds me of a sub-genre of Japanese pop called “pico-pop” (which I really ought to do a proper post about–in the meantime, check out “Eternity,” an example from one of my favorite pico-pop acts, Capsule.)

Liking what you hear so far? Well, good! The full song and remixes are coming very shortly.