You Can Dance: William Orbit’s 9-Minute Remix of Madonna’s “Some Girls”


Between her cameo during Macklemore‘s mass-marriage performance at The Grammys and her upcoming tongue-wagging duet with Miley Cyrus on MTV Unplugged tonight (Lord be with us), Queen of Everything Madonna is very much stepping back into the music world in 2014 — like it or not (REFERENCE).

But even when she’s not directly involved, others are now thrusting her into the musical spotlight too.

Case in point: William Orbit. In his spare time, when he’s not shadily ranting about‘s involvement in allowing “Alien” on Britney Jean with a vocal glitch, the Ray Of Light producer has been crafting remixes of his most recent Madonna jams, including “Love Spent” and “I’m A Sinner.”

Last night, Orbit uploaded what is quite possibly his best mix yet: A colossal 9-minute mix of his MDNA banga with Klas Ahlund, “Some Girls” — which, rumor has it, might have originally been crafted for Britney‘s Femme Fatale.

The throbbing reinterpretation takes M-Dolla deeper and deeper down into the club, providing dark synthesizer stings and nasty four-to-the-floor stomping beats. It’s a killer listen, even if it clocks in longer than the entirety of MDNA, putting some new life into M’s latest studio album while we eagerly await her return.

Too much is never enough.

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