It’s official–Britney is performing again.

The Holy Spearit will be gracing us with her flawlessness on March 29 at the Castro Theatre in San Fransisco for Good Morning America.

Check the above leaked video for official confirmation straight from the singer herself–and no, I have no idea what the fuck’s going on with her voice either.

Sounds like someone got a bit too HAY-ZAY last night. That, or she’s practicing to be the next Chloe Sevigny. “Good evening, America…” I also heard she’s sick. Or it’s just Blackout Britney time…I don’t know.

Word on the street is that this teaser (with the correct audio) was meant to premiere as a commercials during the Oscar’s, which would explain the flood of rumors surrounding the event recently. Then again, she does say “Good morning, America,” so…who knows?

EDIT: Here’s a version with the audio pitched up. THIS sounds like my Britney:

Get pumped THE FUCK UP, because….

This is going to be BIG.