Above & Beyond have always held a special place in my heart.

From their sublime remixes of Madonna‘s “What It Feels Like For A Girl” and Britney‘s “Everytime” to their incredible 2008 album, Sirens of the Sea (released under the name OceanLab in collaboration with British vocalist Justine Suissa), the British-Finnish trance trio have produced some of the finest tranced-out thumpers this side of the ’00’s.

“Sun & Moon” is the lead single from their upcoming album, Group Therapy, which is due out in May.

Featuring the emotive vocals of British singer Richard Bedford (who previously worked with Above & Beyond on their debut album Tristate, including 2006 single, “Alone Tonight”) “Sun & Moon” is a devastating, soulful dance floor ballad set to ambient beats and rave-ready synthesizers that continue to build and explode as the song progresses, somewhat reminiscent of Sam Sparro‘s “Black & Gold.”

“I’m sorry baby, you were the sun and moon to me / I’ll never get over you, you’ll never get over me,” Bedford croons during the spine-tingling chorus before the song dives into an immensely satisfying trance break.

The song’s accompanying video is equally sad–but don’t take my word for it! Here’s a perfect description of the narrative, courtesy of the official press release:

Drawing aesthetic cues from the Northern Soul era, the “Sun & Moon” video makes a direct link between the legendary 70s dance music scene and Above & Beyond’s unique take on modern club culture. 
Styled perfectly with a tartan Harrington jacket and a crisp shirt emblazoned with an Above & Beyond “Sun & Moon” Northern Soul badge, the lead male is seen re-living the relationship and the final breakdown through a series of emotive flash back scenes and some lonesome, drink and music-fuelled longing. With the song finding its release through its emphatic, riff-based breakdown, the male recognizes the song and finds his own peace of mind the only way he knows – by dancing.

Well said…now dance.

“Sun & Moon” will be released on March 21. (iTunes)