Daily B: Dr. Luke Unveils Title of New Britney Song on Twitter

And so the Femme Fatale Twitter promotional campaign carries on….

Dr. Luke just tweeted the following:

one of these titles could be a new brit song: a) booga dooga b) the sun is up c) seal it with a kiss d) monkey c monkey do

The throwaway answers for A and D narrow the possible track title down to B and C (although we all know “Booga Dooga” would literally be the greatest thing Godney’s ever recorded since “Soda Pop”), but the “C” in Monkey C Monkey Do” leads me to believe that the answer is definitively C: “Seal It With A Kiss.”

I mean, I guess it could also be the vastly less sexy “The Sun Is Up.” Or perhaps we’ll learn that we’re getting both titles, and “Seal It With A Kiss” is the smoochy club banger while “The Sun Is Up” is some sort of “Early Mornin'”/”Blur”-ian moment of morning after haziness. I don’t know, but he’s clearly confirming “Seal It With A Kiss” at the least.

ANYWAY, “Seal It With A Kiss” is an incredibly amazing title for the following reasons:

A.) The title is similar in name to one of Britney’s greatest songs of her entire career, “And Then We Kiss.”

Wait. Actually, I ran out of reasons. BUT THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH.