“Love a Loser”: The Crucial Comeback of Cassie

She only comes around every few years, but it’s always worth the wait.

You want to talk about elusive chanteuses?

When it comes to ghosting, Cassie Ventura is one of the industry’s biggest offenders.

The “Me & U” electro-R&B goddess doesn’t come around often — as an official girl, anyway. Hell, she hasn’t even tweeted since 2016.

She is a prolific leaker however, with dozens of perfectly good scrapped sessions just floating around on the Internet. (I could write an entire dissertation about “Skydiver” alone.)

Over a decade after her still-solid self-titled debut, and years after “King of Hearts,” one of the best songs of 2012, and her last full collection, the stellar 2013 RockaByeBaby mixtape, the criminally under-appreciated pop princess is back at last with a slow-burning slice of seductive, in-your-face sass: “Love a Loser,” produced by Ben Billions and Danny Boy and featuring everyone’s favorite “Make Me…” Glory rapper, G-Eazy.

Like the message behind “Long Way 2 Go,” and the bulk of her catalog, the downtempo cut finds the Bad Boy diva kissing off a former flop with the kind of effortless, empowering cool embedded in the DNA of everything Cassie creates.

I’d rather lose a lover than to love a loser,” she purrs over and over like a mantra. The melodies change from verse to chorus, but those words don’t. And, in case you forgot, she’s here to remind you how bad you fucked up: “Used to put it on ya like the Kama Sutra / Ain’t no looking back, I’m like the new Medusa / Got you on a Sunday screaming Hallelujah…

Not to get our hopes up, the song was apparently released earlier this month to celebrate Cassie’s official signing with Bad Boy Entertainment/Epic Records. And, what’s more, allegedly: “This song marks the beginning of what will be a prolific 2017 for Cassie,” the press release promises.

Carry us through the year, Cassie: we can’t afford to lose you again.

“Love a Loser” was released on August 4. (Apple Music / Spotify)

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