You want to talk about elusive chanteuses?

When it comes to ghosting, Cassie Ventura is one of the industry’s biggest offenders.

The “Me & U” electro-R&B goddess doesn’t come around often — as an official girl, anyway. Hell, she hasn’t even tweeted since 2016.

She is a prolific leaker however, with dozens of perfectly good scrapped sessions just floating around on the Internet. (I could write an entire dissertation about “Skydiver” alone.)

Over a decade after her still-solid self-titled debut, and years after “King of Hearts,” one of the best songs of 2012, and her last full collection, the stellar 2013 RockaByeBaby mixtape, the criminally under-appreciated pop princess is back at last with a slow-burning slice of seductive, in-your-face sass: “Love a Loser,” produced by Ben Billions and Danny Boy and featuring everyone’s favorite “Make Me…” Glory rapper, G-Eazy.

Like the message behind “Long Way 2 Go,” and the bulk of her catalog, the downtempo cut finds the Bad Boy diva kissing off a former flop with the kind of effortless, empowering cool embedded in the DNA of everything Cassie creates.

I’d rather lose a lover than to love a loser,” she purrs over and over like a mantra. The melodies change from verse to chorus, but those words don’t. And, in case you forgot, she’s here to remind you how bad you fucked up: “Used to put it on ya like the Kama Sutra / Ain’t no looking back, I’m like the new Medusa / Got you on a Sunday screaming Hallelujah…

Not to get our hopes up, the song was apparently released earlier this month to celebrate Cassie’s official signing with Bad Boy Entertainment/Epic Records. And, what’s more, allegedly: “This song marks the beginning of what will be a prolific 2017 for Cassie,” the press release promises.

Carry us through the year, Cassie: we can’t afford to lose you again.

“Love a Loser” was released on August 4. (Apple Music / Spotify)