Hot Club Track of the Week: Laidback Luke – Timebomb (feat. John Mendelsohn)

This place about to blow!

Laidback Luke, the Filipino-born, Netherlands-bred DJ and producer whose name has become more and more of a staple within remix packages from some of MuuMuse’s favorite acts, including Wynter Gordon and Christina Aguilera (and of course, that truly awe-inspiring take on Robyn‘s “Indestructible”) has a new solo single out: It’s called “Timebomb.”

“Timebomb” is a very good, rave-y stormer complete with glitched-out moments of 8-bit electronica and rocket launch-like, surging synthesizers. A club affair, if you will.

The song was an instrumental at first but then it wasn’t, thanks to a vocal melody penned and sung by John Mendelsohn (not to be confused with Jonathan Mendelsohn, the director of general election resources for the British Labour Party, nor John Mendelsohn, former Rolling Stone rock critic), but rather John Mendelsohn, an attractive singer from Brooklyn.

Together, the two crafted the final version of “Timebomb” entirely via email (oh, technology!). And thus, there you have it: “Timebomb (feat. John Mendelsohn).

The song’s accompanying Tron-esque video follows in step with the song’s futuristic trance beat, as we follow a gang of bad ass roller derby chicks duking it out within a space-age pinball machine operated by a sexy lady who looks like the forgotten lovechild of La Roux‘s Elly Jackson and Her Majesty & The WolvesKimberly Wyatt. It makes entirely no sense, and yet, it’s entirely perfect.

And there you have it. OR DID I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND?!

“Timebomb (feat. John Mendelsohn)” was released on January 18. (Beatport)

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