Presets Ain’t No Buzzkills.

It’s been four days, and I’m still trying to come down from the high that The Presets produced during their smashing set at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston on Tuesday. Seriously, they were fuh-nomonal. To my great excitement and confusion, I stumbled across a Presets track floating around that I haven’t already managed to wrap my headphones around. Oh, what I’ve been missing!

It’s both a U.K. bonus album track and the B-side to their amazing single “This Boy’s In Love,” called “Buzz Factory.” The song truly takes only a few moments to become absolutely epic. It takes off from the get-go: From rough, gritty amateurish electro stabs and stutterings, it morphes into shades of early ’90’s club and gradually evolves into some very modern, very haunting trance. After three minutes, I was perfectly content to consider this song an incredible instrumental, so it was to my great surprise that Julian’s vocals suddenly come floating in at the 3:30 mark, reminiscient of something off of Royksopp‘s The Understanding. Unearthly and transient, the song transports to another level in the last few minutes of lavishing synth…It’s wonderfully essential. This is one of those few songs that manages to encapsulate everything that I love about electronic music. Now that is truly saying something.

I love you guys!

Special thanks to super-correspondent Michael for the pictures from our concert!

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