Last Monday, Jessie And The Toy Boys released her debut single, “Push It.”

Yesterday, Doctor Rosen Rosen unveiled his latest offering: A brand new remix of Jessie’s track!

Much as with his sensational remix of “Mirrors” by Natalia Kills, the Doctor Rosen Rosen mix prescribes the song with an extra chilly chill pill, adding some icy electronica, brooding synthesizers and even more vocal stutters and moans than ever before.

It’s absolutely brilliant–just what the doctor ordered!

In addition to the remix for “Push It,” Dr. Rosen Rosen worked with Jessie and the Toy Boys on some original tracks for her upcoming album. If the tracks are anything half as good as this remix, this is going to be one hell of a debut!

To download the mix, check out Doctor Rosen Rosen’s official website.

“Push It” was released on February 14. (iTunes)