Come and fill your cup up: It’s Marina mania today!

While she only just announced the game plan for her forthcoming studio album Froot hours ago, the “Hollywood” chanteuse and fruit emoji enthusiast has already given us an extra squeeze…in the form of the glamorous, gorgeous visual for “Froot.”

Marina’s album campaigns always consist of a strong aesthetic. How else would we know Electra Heart without that wig and the heart on her cheek? This time around, it’s all about a kind of classic femininity-meets-futurism, as Marina strikes a pose (or ten) and even serves up some fierce choreography (!) to the tune of a tighter edit of the album’s lead track.

“In the beginning, when I did my first photoshoot, I was trying to describe it as like blending neon with nature. It’s like a cyber La Dolce Vita, or a sci-fi Sophia Loren, or a futuristic Liz Taylor. It’s about taking these iconic figures, these feminine icons, and interpreting them an a modern way. I wanted a ’50s or ’70s look but with something that’s artificial,” she told The Line Of Best Fit regarding the new look for the era.

Her description is spot-on of course, but I’ll tell you what else she looks like: A grown ass woman. Seriously, just look at that stunning figure! Va-va-voom, mama.

Trying to find the froot? It’s there, dangling right from her ears. Tasty!

‘Froot’ will be released on April 6. (iTunes)