At long last, it’s the video premiere for Jennifer Lopez‘s hit single, “On The Floor (feat. Pitbull)”!

Watch above as Queen Jennifer and Mr. Pitbull play dancehall royalty and reign above the dancing masses–that is, until Miss Jenny From The Block herself bursts into the club and busts out a few of her illest moves to take over control of the floor.

J to the L-O is looking all shades of caliente in this glossy new club clip, bolstered by a few flashy product placement shots (I’ll take BMW and Swarovski over PlentyOfFish any day!) and a whole slew of gorgeous outfits and poses.

Lopez is looking utterly STUNNING throughout: Body’s still bangin’, she’s pulling all the right moves, and oh, those hair flips for days…yep, Jenny’s still got it!

I la-la-LOVE IT! Get it, J-Lo!