New Kat DeLuna Club Banga Surfaces: “Give Me Your Love (Under The Strobe Lights)”

Looks like Madonna isn’t the only one jonesin’ for your love lately.

“Whine Up” chanteuse Kat DeLuna is back on the prowl with her newly leaked club banga: “Give Me Your Love (Under The Strobe Lights).”

The 24 year old Dominican-born songstress hasn’t exactly had much luck achieving lift-off ever since her second studio album Inside Out was shelved stateside and released exclusively in Belgium in 2010 (and later in France, Poland and Japan…yay?), although her latest single “Dancing Tonight” did unexpectedly hit #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs Chart in 2011. (Also, one time I saw her video for “Push Push” playing at an empty gay bar in New Haven. Success!)

“Give Me Your Love” is actually a seriously solid stomper: Take the melodies of Cobra Starship‘s “You Make Me Feel (feat. Sabi)” and mash them up with the thumpin’ beats of Madonna‘s “Celebration” (and perhaps even a bit of Confessions‘ “Get Together” with that tranced out chorus), and boom–it’s a Kat Deluna smash!

“You’re the one that I have been waiting for/Only got one night, give me all your loving,” Deluna cries out during the chorus. And those surging, sucked-through-a-vortex oo-oo-oo vocals? L-U-V, DeLuna!

No word on whether this one’s going to serve as an upcoming single or will simply become yet another addition to the ever-growing list of Kat DeLuna leaks, but it’s certainly one of the better offerings we’ve heard from her as of late.

It’s Party O’Clock somewhere (Belgium, specifically)…so get on the floor!

The Drop It Low EP was released on August 8. (iTunes)

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