After the smashing success of her first two singles, “Happiness” and “Good Girl” (which hit #3 and #6 on the UK Singles Chart, respectively), Alexis Jordan is about to prepare the third single from her self-titled debut: “Hush Hush.”

Jordan’s latest effort, produced by Norwegian pop production masters StarGate (the duo acted as executive producers of her album), bounces along the same dark, throbbing beats and soaring synthesizers as Rihanna‘s “Don’t Stop The Music,” “S&M” and “Only Girl (In The World).” (All three of which were commandeered by–you guessed it: Stargate!)

With its delicious, remix-ready beat and a chorus as equally infectious as her last two releases, “Hush Hush” is yet another shining moment for the burgeoning 19-year-old starlet–no doubt set to make a major splash when released in May.

“Hush Hush” will be released on May 8. (iTunes UK)