Turn the lights down low and kiss me in the dark…

At last.

After teasing one full, glorious minute of her pulsating return to synth-pop sound two weeks ago, Disney Queen-turned-Dignity diva Hilary Duff has revealed her new single “Sparks” in all of its wonderful, whistlin’ glory.

(It’s on iTunes New Zealand for now, and making its way over here slowly but surely.)

Longtime Little Duffsters clamoring for a Dignity Part II ought to be thoroughly satisfied: The Tove Lo co-penned, Peter Thomas and Bloodshy co-produced gem is equal parts shimmer and sass, as the “Play With Fire” pop princess gets sensual in the dark on the dance floor for what could surely be a spring and/or summertime Swede-pop smash — a welcome return to form after a less thrilling foray into folk-pop with her breezy comeback track, “Chasing The Sun.”

You can promise castles, treasures, babies, I don’t care/’Cause right now, you’re just enough for me/I want you near…”

Intoxicating pulsations. Seductive crooning. Catchy whistlin’. Grown-up dance-pop. This is exactly where Hilary needs to be.


“Sparks” will be released on April 7. (iTunes)