In what is truly shaping up to be her strongest album in almost a decade, Jennifer Lopez has just unleashed a brand new cut from her upcoming studio album, LOVE? to iTunes this weekend: “Papi.” And guess what? IT’S HOT FIYA!

“Papi” finds J. Lo working with Gaga hit-maker RedOne and his writing camp once again, the same winning team behind her massive global smash single, “On The Floor.”

Like her last hit, “Papi” borrows heavily from the same song production featured on RedOne’s (regrettably flopped) 2010 effort: Kat DeLuna‘s Inside Out. (It must be “Party O’ Clock” somewhere…right? *Balloon slowly deflating noise.*)

Featuring scorching club beats and a delicious, hair whippin’ friendly chorus (“Rock your body, rock your body…dance for your papi!”), “Papi” might just be one of Lopez’s best club commanders since “Waiting For Tonight.” You can almost see the green lasers shooting through the smoke-filled dance floors already!

Aside from the song’s already infectious beat, it’s the breakdown–which pairs Lopez’s luscious Spanish instructions (“Step up, Step up! Let your hair down!”) against a serious, stomping beat–that truly takes the track to a whole new level of amazing.

I mean, hello: A track where J. Lo yells at me in two different languages to shake it vigorously for my man? Now that’s something worth Muusing about!

Move your bah-day! Move your bah-day!

“Papi” was released on April 16. (iTunes)