Neon Hitch, one of MuuMuse’s favorite up-and-coming acts, has just unveiled a brand new cut from her forthcoming debut: “Silly Girl.”

The gypsy pop princess’ newest track–which gets a production assist from the likes of Switch (Beyoncé’s “Girls (We Run The World)”) and Benny Blanco (Ke$ha, Britney Spears)–is a complete reversal from her sweetly-sung, Robyn-esque debut, “Get Over U.” This time, things are about to get dirty.

Did you find your hips a-churnin’ and your body a-burnin’ to Ke$ha’s basement floor banger, “Sleazy”? Well, hang on to your forties, slut bags: Hitch’s newest smash falls right in line with K$’s almighty raunch-fest, complete with insanely warped vocals and filthy, warbling beats that grind relentlessly on repeat.

It’s winding, weird and all shades of wicked. Oh, Neon darling—you’ve got me hooked once again!