Jessie And The Toy Boys Perform “Valentine” Live at Rockit in NYC (May 13, 2011)

Last Friday night (oh hay, accidental Katy Perry reference!), my arch frenemy Jon (of Ali’s Blog) and I ventured down to District 36 in NYC to catch one of our favorite rising pop stars-to-be, Jessie And The Toy Boys, performing in honor of the 2-year anniversary of club night, Rockit.

At around 2 AM, Jon and I scoped out a safe vantage point somewhere in between a few shirtless men and Janice Dickinson‘s breasts. Jessie took to the stage with her two beautiful back-up boys to perform a 3-song set, including her debut single “Push It” (which you can watch over at Ali’s Blog) and “Valentine.” (See above!)

I’d never seen Ms. Malakouti perform live previously–what a sweet surprise it turned out to be! Given the fact that lady friend was working it out on a stage roughly the size of me (LAYING DOWN, laying down…I’m not that wide, fuck off), she certainly turned it out like she was playing the Garden. Fierce choreography, dynamite energy–it was a performance reminiscent of Gaga‘s early 2008 stints when she was shoved up against a subwoofer in a dingy gay bar with her disco stick. (Not that she doesn’t still do those kinds of performances, but still.)

Jessie’s set was absolutely magnetic, and if this is any indication of what she’s bringing to the stage when she comes to open the Femme Fatale Tour later this summer with Britney, there’s no way we’re going to stop dancing ’til the world ends.

Thanks to Jon for providing the video, and thanks to Jessie for a fabulous night out!

“Push It” and “Valentine” were released on February 14. (iTunes)

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