The Sugababes Offer a Taste of Upcoming Single: “Freedom”

It’s been a rough year for the ‘Babes.

After OG member Keisha Buchanan‘s less-than-amicable departure from the group in September of 2009, the girls suffered a brief identity crisis–going from soulful/classy to chic/sassy for their underrated-yet-not-entirely-special-either seventh studio album in 2010, Sweet 7.

Now, with some actual time under their best as a new line-up, the girls are set to return with their upcoming summer comeback single, “Freedom.”

Check out the video above–a promo clip for the Nokia N8 Pink phone–which features a 1-minute clip of “Freedom.”

Although I’m not sure what to make of the song so far (as it seems to be quite chopped and screwed), the chorus (“For free-ee-ee-dom-dom-dom!”) seems promising so far. It also sounds slightly darker and dubbier than anything the ‘Babes have done in recent time. I like it, like it!

While you’re at it, head over to the Sugababes’ official website to enter the contest for a free Nokia N8 Pink. Why not, right?

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