If you’re anything like me (God help your soul), you kept it tuned in on the weekly for the latest nail-biting season of RuPaul’s Drag Race on LOGO as Raja eagerly snatched the crown for Queen of Season 3.

So what’s a girl to do once the fairy dust settles and the pageantry officially begins? Why, release a dance single of course!

“Diamond Crowned Queen” is Raja’s debut single, which was released on May 3.

While the original mix of the song always played a little bit too, err…erratic for my taste (yes, erratic–let’s go with that), the newly released remix by MuuMuse friend Prince Vince is nothing but pure sweat and sex (for dinner!)

Prince Vince’s take on the track will have you sweating off your falsies and fanning yourself with your chicken cutlets in five seconds flat, featuring a slew of deep, throbbing beats and sexy stabs of electronica–a delish club dish for certain!

So come with me all you thunder-breathing dragons and get into the mix!

OFFICIAL Raja – Diamond Crowned Queen (Prince Vince Remix) by Prince Vince

“Diamond Crowned Queen” was released on May 3. (iTunes)