Dear Australia,

Tomorrow (Friday, June 17 for clarification, because I don’t get you with your frivolous time zones and the whole kangaroo thing), singer-songwriter/MuuMuse favesie Wynter Gordon will be releasing her debut LP, With The Music I Die.

With The Music I Die is a great album–nay, an amazing album, and it will almost undoubtedly land somewhere high on my Top 10 of 2011 list–that is, unless Britney Spears releases 9 more albums this year.

As a result, I’m urging you now:


Cherish it. Play it until your iPod dies, and then play it on your computer while your iPod is charging, and then play it over and over on your iPod until it dies again. AND THEN GET SOME FOOD BECAUSE YOU JUST FORGOT TO EAT, IDIOT.

Because she deserves it. And you deserve it. And we deserve it. And if you don’t buy it, you’re literally dead to me.

A more formal review is on its way for next week.

With The Music I Die is released on June 17 in Australia. (iTunes Australia)