You love them. You stan hard for them. But at the end of the day, they’re still tumbling down the charts faster then Beysus on a flight of stairs. (That is, if they even chart to begin with.)

This is TopFlops: The eighth entry in the MuuCast series.

All of the songs featured on TopFlops are either hit-and-miss singles, unknown gems from flop albums, or unreleased treasures by artists (or “artists”) that have been the victims of fuckery in some shape or form: Whether they’re too busy leaking their own sex tapes to pay attention to chart positions, shackled to fascist record labels that restrict them from releasing their own music, or simply sufferers of endless misfortune. (Kat Deluna, I’m sorry. THE WORLD IS SORRY.)

But relevancy is subjective (sort of) and enjoyability is eternal (sort of). Therefore, this is a playlist dedicated to the songs and artists that–despite all of their brilliance–flopped. Hard. So please, enjoy these hidden gems, buried deep below a polluted sea of modern mediocrity.

And just for the record (since no one in the Internet has a sense of humor), we here at MuuMuse genuinely love all of these artists. Seriously! We’re not hating–we’re appreciating! NOW LAY OFF.

Finally, in response to Muuser suggestions, MuuCast Episode 8: TopFlops is available as a zipped collection of tracks rather than a single .MP3. As a result, this is really more of a compilation than a podcast, but we’re not going to get our MuuPanties in a bunch about straying from the MuuCast format. DEAL WITH IT.

DL: MuuCast Episode 8: TopFlops


Heidi Montag – I’ll Do It (iTunes)
Ciara – Turn It Up (feat. Usher) (iTunes)
Alesha Dixon – Baddest Chick (iTunes UK)
Kaci Battaglia – PartyAHolic (iTunes UK)
Lisa Scott-Lee – Back In Time (iTunes)
Rachel Stevens – Waiting Game (iTunes UK)
Amerie (Ameriie) – Higher (iTunes)
Lindsay Lohan – Who Loves You? (iTunes)
Ashlee Simpson – Hot Stuff (iTunes)
Paradiso Girls – Boys Go Crazy
Nadine – Chained
JoJo – Paper Airplanes
Vanessa Hudgens – Sneakernight (iTunes)
Kristine Elezaj – Let You Know (iTunes)
Brooke Hogan – Strip (iTunes)
Cassie – Skydiver
Kat DeLuna – Unstoppable (iTunes)
Girlicious – Grinding (iTunes Canada)
Tila Tequila – Paralyze (iTunes)
Christina Aguilera – Monday Morning (iTunes)
Michelle Williams – Till the End of the World (iTunes)

Thanks to MuuMuse reader JusticeKills who provided the inspiration for this MuuCast!