Straight boy lust? Join the club.

Inspired by 1956’s classic Trapeze, the UK’s original Pop Idol Will Young finds himself strapped into some spandex and swinging on poles (of the gymnastics variety, that is) in the gorgeous video for his new Richard X-produced single (and one of my favorite tracks of 2011), “Jealousy.”

Along the way, the singer remains hopelessly devoted to a sexy, strapping young hunk of ambiguous sexual orientation spending all his time twirling about with some blonde bimbo (okay, so he’s totally straight but no one wants to admit it).

With all the choreography, underlying sexual tension and crazy stalker ‘feathers-are-sprouting-from-my-skin’ eyes he’s supplying, Young is serving some major Black Swan realness in this clip! WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SWEET WILL?!

But wait–a stolen glance at the trapeze! Is it love? A bittersweet fantasy? Trust me, Will: If it’s anything like I’ve ever experienced, grab a bottle of wine and quit while you’re ahead: It looks (and feels) like a whole lot of jealousy to me.

Like the single, Young’s highly anticipated fifth studio album Echoes–due out on August 22–was produced entirely by electro-pop extraordinaire Richard X (Annie, Goldfrapp, Sophie-Ellis Bextor), along with co-writing credits from some of pop’s cutting edge scribes. Accordingly, the album finds Young breaking into new territory by incorporating dance and electronica elements. From the album’s press release:

Will has sidestepped some of his traditional sounds to move more into the world of electronic music, making an album of sophistry and gentility that pulses with the undercurrents of the dance-floor. The sweeping strings and key changes of his hit ballads have made way for synthesised melody, towards something sparer and more controlled. ‘I had to learn to undo my musical muscle memory,’ he explains. ‘To allow space into the music.’

Will has written all but one song on ‘Echoes’ along with a personally assembled roll call of collaborators including Jim Eliot & Mima Stilwell (Kylie), Andy Cato (Groove Armada) and Pascal Gabriel (Ladyhawke).

One of my most anticipated albums of the year? Oh, methinks yes.

“Jealousy” will be released on August 21. (iTunes UK)