Breathe in, breathe out.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Londontown, there lived (lives, but now in L.A.) an enchanting Jewish pop princess named Rachel Stevens recorded one of the best electro-pop records of the 21st century in 2005: Come And Get It.

“Nothing In Common” is one of the earliest known recordings from Stevens’ Come And Get It sessions with British purveyor of all things Pop Perfection, Richard X (Sugababes, Annie). As is widely known in popular Stevens lore, the song has never seen the light of day.

Until today, that is.

“Nothing In Common” is a stunning, chilly electro ballad that finds the former S Club 7 crooner lamenting a relationship limping on its last legs: “So we play to the crowd every time we step out / We sit at opposite ends of the table,” she sadly masquerades.

Apart from the gorgeous sad disco production throughout, the subtle Pet Shop Boys-esque tribal beats that bang before the blink-and-you-miss-it bridge (Stevens’ distant howl of “Who are we fooling?”) are a particularly brilliant touch.

Although it’s clear that the song was never mixed to final form, “Nothing In Common” would have made for a perfect addition to the already flawless tracklisting of Stevens’ second studio album.

And now, MuuMuse presents: “Nothing In Common.”

And now, I DIE.

Come And Get It was released in 2005. (iTunes)