First of all, yes: That song title really is real.

“Disco, Blisters & A Comedown” is the official B-side to Nicola Roberts‘ debut single, “Beat Of My Drum.” (“Porcelain Heart” was the iTunes pre-order exclusive, so GET WITH IT.)

The song is basically the way cooler, more hip version of Katy Perry‘s “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)” featuring space cadet, slap-happy electro-pop production a la Sky Ferreira‘s “99 Tears” (is this a Greg Kurstin production?), and contains no less than one reference to:

+ Lady Gaga.
+ John Prescott.
+ TopShop.

“Why do the lights in the kebab shop make this guy look less hot?”

“Disco, Blisters & A Comedown” is completely perfect. But really, who’s surprised?

The “Beat of My Drum” CD single will be released on July 11. (iTunes)