Mo’ money, mo’ problems? Not for Miss Natalia Kills!

Busting out some of her best couture poses, Ms. Kills takes her sweethearts on a shopping spree of not-so-subliminal messages and utter threadlust in the video for her latest single, “Free (feat. Will.I.Am).”

While she might be working down to her last lonely dollar, it doesn’t mean she’s not going to rock it like she’s got free-flowing funds: I’m la-la-loving all these killer high fashion styles and outrageous ‘do’s (that flammable sky-high hair bun!)–especially the bad bitch dominatrix get-up she’s working in the money pit. Sharp stilettos and black leather…all day, erryday please!

So get your fives, get your tens, get your twenties out…

“Free (feat. Will.I.Am)” was released on June 28. (iTunes)