Tinashe continues to bring the action.

After the premiere of her fantastic In Case We Die mixtape back in February, the up-and-coming pop princess has since inked a record deal with RCA Records and premiered the smoldering video for her track, Who Am I Working For?” (No word on whether she’s still dancing to Britney in tunnels, but we can probably assume as much.)

Now, while she’s hard at work in the studio carving out her major label debut LP with some equally major producers (no spoilers just yet!), Tinashe has provided us with a sweet, dance-tinged treat alongside Montreal producer, Jacques Greene.

The collaboration is the result of an adidas Originals x Yours Truly campaign called Songs From Scratch, a series that tracks the process from start to finish between two artists in a single session. The result from their time in the studio together? “Painted Faces.” (Not to be confused with the Pussycat Dolls‘ equally amazing “Painted Windows.”)

The track–which was recorded in January and, according to Greene, crafted in a single day–shimmers with speckles of early ’90’s House and moody R&B a la Katy B, as well as some hypnotic Swedish dance-pop vibrations (see: Kleerup‘s gloomier offerings.)

Tinashe plays best when set against chilly beats and darker grooves, and “Painted Faces” is certainly no exception: Her vocals are as honey sweet as ever, elevating the track from its dark depths into heavenly new heights.

Love, love, love this.