My, it’s awfully warm in here. I think I’m burning up, actually.

Does anyone else feel a…McPheever coming on?

Yes, that’s right: Katharine “Open Toes” McPhee has been quietly preparing to make a major pop comeback right under our noses — err, lips.

The Smash goddess, responsible for providing us with almighty club anthem “Touch Me,” kiss-off classic “Over It” and The Greatest Song About Open-Toed Shoes And/Or Greatest Song Of All Time, “Open Toes,” confirmed yesterday to The Hollywood Reporter that she’s got a summer single on the way…and every single part of the equation sounds genuinely incredible.

“I am putting out a new single in a couple weeks,” teased McPhee, who just wrapped a Diane Martel-directed music video to support the song titled “Lick My Lips.” The track was written by Florence and the Machine member Isabella Summers (aka Isa Machine) for McPhee’s upcoming — and still untitled — new album (release date TBD). “The song is very tongue-in-cheeky and samples a Luther Vandross song. It’s a fun summer song, and I’m excited about the body of work as far as the album goes because this record is something I’m very connected to — like a diary of what I’ve been through.”

– “Lick My Lips.” Perfect, merely from the title alone.
– A Diane Martel-directed music video, the same director behind Miley‘s “We Can’t Stop.”
– Written by Isa Summers, of Florence And The Machine. WHAT.
– A Luther Vandross sample.
“Fun summer song.”

Thanks to a few of the models on set, including Austin Kellogg, we can already see that McPhee will be serving us milkshakes and ’50’s Grease glamour in the video.

And frankly, we’re just not prepared.

Go grab a pair of sling-backs and get ready for pure, unadulterated McPhire.


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