Kweens, rejoice!

Blessed beauty Nicole Scherzinbehindthesehazeleyeser has just sprung a leak–and she’s serving up some serious ’90’s House RuPaul realness!

“I’m Gonna,” produced by remix aficionado Dave Aude, is but a scrap picked up from the ground of the Killer Love sessions. And while it’s easy to understand why the House-infused throwback track didn’t make the thoroughly modern RedOne tracklisting of Scherzy’s long-delayed debut, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t one of the best solo cuts Scherzy’s ever served up!

Packed to the brim with luscious piano chords and a relentless, feel-good ’90’s House beat, Nicole’s gone and made like Brit Brit on her Inner City lovin’ Femme Fatale bonus track “Up & Down” and borrowed from the past, heavily sampling Bizarre Inc.‘s #1 1992 Billboard Dance hit, “I’m Gonna Get You.”

“I’m gonna get you, baby…I’m gonna get you, yes I am!” she proudly declares atop the fresh, funky club rhythms. YASSSS!

This is some good ‘ish. This is some dance-’round-the-room ‘ish. This is that ‘ish you just know Kimberly Wyatt puts her face on to before hitting the stage at 4 A.M. to host the nightly drag revue in London (in which Carmit Bachar performs.)