Hanging onto your Frappes, Brit stans?

Godney took to Facebook today to make a very special video announcement for her fans–specifically of the Latino persuasion.

Watch as our fearless Spearleader–basked in a Holy Golden Spearit Glow–delivers a one sentence announcement while boldly, unabashedly staring straight into a cue card below the camera. “Check back into my Facebook page on July 25 to find out where my Femme Fatale Tour is heading after Europe. Adios, amigos!” she mutters. (Just between you and me–and this is completely a shot in the dark here–but I think she might mean South America!)

Oh, Brit Brit. You’re such a silly goose! But then again…who the fuck got time to memorize that shit?! NOT A LIVING LEGEND, THAT’S FOR DAMN SURE.