The Saturdays Pack Serious Heat on New Single, “All Fired Up”

In late May, UK pop quintet The Saturdays released their Top 10 hit “Notorious,” the lead single from their as-of-yet untitled third studio album.

Filled with faux-tough girl taunts (“My resume says I’m a bad girl”) and strut-friendly (if not slightly cheap) electro stabs, “Notorious” separated itself from the rest of the electro-pop pack with its brilliant blue-baller of a chorus: A soaring moment of echoed cries that brought listeners to the brink of a seemingly massive beat drop–only to immediately retreat into the next verse.

And while “Notorious” flourished from its big, brilliant non-chorus structure, The Saturdays’ brand new offering, “All Fired Up,” seems to be packed full of nothing but choruses and hook-heavy bridges: “All fired up and I feel alive!” the girls cry out above the song’s rave-ready beats–arguably some of their most relentlessly club-ready material to date.

According to a press release for the single, “All Fired Up” was co-scribed by a stunning dream team of pop producers, including Space Cowboy, Brian Higgins and Miranda Cooper (Xenomania) and 16-year-old boy wonder, MNEK.

While “All Fired Up” is not quite as classic or hard-hitting as any of its producers’ best work, the song still contains all their signature styles, including the instant infectiousness of Space Cowboy’s dance-pop (ex. Lady Gaga‘s “Just Dance”) and the cutting, mile-a-minute hookcraft of Xenomania (ex. Girls Aloud‘s “Biology”).

From the pulsing, hypnotic Calvin Harris-meets-Benny Benassi-lite beats to the ear-worm hooks (“I put my head against the speakers…”), “All Fired Up” is one of the band’s best, most unbelievably re-playable moments yet–nearly guaranteed to send The Saturdays hurtling toward the top of the UK Singles Chart when it sees release in the first week of September.

Then again, with fellow UK troupe Sugababes releasing their exceptional new single “Freedom” in the same week…

I suppose Brooke Valentine said it best: It’s about to be a (WHAT?) A girl fight!

“All Fired Up” will be released on September 4. (iTunes UK)

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