And now for something completely amazing.

“Jealousy” is the lead single from Will Young‘s fifth studio album Echoes, which is due to be released in late August–nearly a decade after his win on the UK’s Pop Idol.

Produced by one of Brit-Pop’s very best, Richard X (Rachel Stevens, Sugababes, Annie), “Jealousy” is a haunting torch song of sorts, equipped with a dreamy, inoffensive electronic throb–or, as The Guardian so astutely put it, “polite dance music.”

Like all other perfect pop songs, “Jealousy” has all the makings of a proper “sad disco” stomper: Chilly vocals, unrequited love and a pulsating, shimmering beat. Young’s haunting, echoed vocals evoke a certain kind of ’90’s affect–something like a cross between Annie Lennox and Billie Myers–set atop warm, dreamy synthesizers that would have M83 beaming.

“I’m tired of waiting / I’m tired of thinking / And it feels like jealousy,” Young cries out.

And while it does indeed feel like jealousy, it also feels like an instant classic.

“Jealousy” will be released on August 21. (iTunes UK)